About Us

Brad Jones - Owner



Madison, Wisconsin - My life revolves around whitetail deer and how to better my odds of harvesting mature bucks. I have been hunting for over 40 years and have learned from family, friends and on my own. By applying what I've learned on a 98-acre property in southwestern Wisconsin owned by a great friend we are now seeing and harvesting mature deer. We have made many changes to this property over 7 years to improving food plots, creating bedding areas, increasing native browse, screening, placing water holes, stand placement, using deer lures and trail cameras.

Tommy Brandenburg - Staff



Tommy was born into a very athletic and competitive family in Northern Illinois. He grew up actively participating in golf, wrestling and baseball through high school, and went on to be captain of the baseball team in college. His love for the outdoors came at a very young age, competing in numerous archery and fishing competitions. 

By the time he was 11 years old, he shot his first buck at five yards with his shotgun. This adrenaline filled moment change his path forever and started his obsession. Soon after, he harvested his first racked buck with bow and arrow.

Fast forward to present, Tommy is now chasing big game all across the country and have harvested hundreds of whitetails with his archery equipment alone. He has been blessed to harvest more than two dozen trophy book buck. With the passion for quality deer management, he loves finding, naming and watching specific bucks throughout their life cycle, collecting their sheds until he can harvest at a mature age.

For Tommy, hunting season is year-round – collecting sheds, planting food plots, clearing trails, hanging stands, and running trail cameras. He enjoys fishing, hunting turkey, dove, waterfowl, upland birds, elk, deer and all predators.

When he is not hunting, Tommy owns his own successful carpentry and remodeling business, and is a weapons instructor and event guide. Additionally, he crafts shed antler holders and wall mount displays that he sells through the internet and at deer and shed shows. Tommy also spends as much time as he can with his family- his wife, Christie and two young daughters, Avery and Brynn.


Mike Jones - Staff



Madison, Wisconsin - I’m 57-year-old construction superintendent. I started hunting and fishing with my Dad at an early age where I found my love of the outdoors. My brothers and I have continued to hunt and fish in Wisconsin and the Dakotas. I have learned a lot about land management through classes offered by UW Wisconsin extensions and professional land management individuals. I have been practicing different food plot seed combinations and habitat improvement on the land I own for the past 12 years. This led to the interest in video filming so I went to Campbell Outdoors camera filming school and learned from the pros.   

Greg Syvrud - Staff



Greg lives on his farm located in Clyde Wisconsin. By making several land management improvements he now holds mature whitetail deer and turkey on the property. Greg enjoys working up the ground to put in food plots for all of the wildlife on his farm. Greg has hunted big game animals in the Northwest Territories, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming and has harvested Caribou, Inter Coastal Brown Bear, Buffalo and Elk.